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Oil and Gas Services

With the beginning of the exploration activities by International Oil Companies in collaboration with Saudi Aramco in the Empty Quarter desert of Saudi Arabia in 2005. GH was awarded the Integrated Project Management (IPM) by Schlumberger Middle East for South Rub Al-Khali (SRAK) project (collaboration between Total and Saudi Aramco) to transport all raw materials, drilling equipment, cement and skip transport services from its base in Dammam to Ishrat-1 deep inside the Rub Al-Khali (Approximately 250 kms from Sharourah into the Empty Quarter) and to various other locations.

Using specialized 6x4 axle trucks that can endure the treacherous desert trips, each truck is installed with the latest IVMS system and is monitored by the Global Journey Management Center that requires following strict oilfield industry driving and safety norms. Drivers have to undergo safe driving practice training and are certified by Schlumberger Training Department to be eligible to work on the project.All assigned drivers to Schlumberger project are medically tested every two (2) years.In 2007 GH was adjudged as the Best Service Provider Contractor by Schlumberger

Oil and Gas Team